Jun 10

Key considerations for ERP selection

The purpose of an ERP system is to help an organization conduct its operations in a more streamlined fashion while getting useful reports and analysis to help further the objectives of the organization. In order to achieve this purpose, the ERP selection step is of paramount importance as this sets the ERP project in the right direction.

Selecting the right ERP can be a daunting task with many factors to be taken into consideration. Sales people in the ERP industry are well versed with all the right buzzwords and these are sprinkled throughout the sales process. Best practices, latest technology, vendor reputation, platform, customer referrals, etc. are all important things to consider. But if there is one factor that should be singled out for the success of an ERP in an organization, then it is the “Best Fit” factor. Best Fit means the ERP meets the business requirements of the organization. It should be able to handle all business processes smoothly.

The other factors are important but having the ability to run the ERP on mobile devices does not help if the ERP itself lacks the ability to conduct critical operations of the organization.

The ERP landscape has many cases where ERP implementations have failed. The result has been wasted resources and an even more aversion to any change. Usually we find that the ERP in question did not meet the business requirements. Perhaps it was chosen based on the Vendor’s reputation or due to it having some specific technology. But at the end of the day, if the ERP cannot do what the business needs, then the implementer and the users will struggle to make things work.